Value Healthcare Group

Value Group consists of Value Healthcare Pte Ltd, the parent company and a number of subsidiary companies managing different product lines. The subsidiary companies are Pharma Trading Co. Ltd in Myanmar.

Established Since 1995

Value Healthcare Pte Ltd has been established since 1995 with more than 25 years of experience in Full Agency Distribution Services. We believe in Building Long Term Business Relationships with our Partners by providing Unique Value-Added Services, as well as Expert Know-How in the Region.

We impress our clients through innovative Sales and Marketing Strategies, Comprehensive Market Information and Communication Efficiency. Years of sincere business relationship and stable pricing allow us to gain the trust from our Customers, Doctors and Principals.

Our Exclusive Promotion Teams, Nationwide Coverage, GSP & GDP Complied Warehouse and Distribution Practices makes us the Perfect Partner that you can trust and rely on for Years.


To provide unique, experienced and specialized know-how on range of services that includes Warehousing & Distribution, Sales & Marketing, Regulatory, Business Information and Analysis.

To establish long term professional relationships with our Business Partners and Customers through personalized value-added services that exceed customer expectations and satisfaction


To be the Leading Distribution Company that provides premium quality products.